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Vengent: Real Estate Agent Introduction Service

Who is Vengent?

Vengent is a free service that helps Australian home owners and property investors in their real estate transactions. As an independent, unbiased organisation, we can connect you with the best Real Estate Agent or Property Manager for your needs. Whether you're buying a home or need advice on managing your property investment portfolio, Vengent can help.

Our dedicated research team has open access to industry portals to ensure our clients receive up-to-date, meticulously analysed property data. Through our unique 'agent response system', we further cross reference and double check this research.

The Vengent Unique 'Agent response system' 
We provide expert advice on individual agents as we are constantly reviewing their performance. Through 'secret shopping style' emails and discreet attendance at open homes, we assess presentation, interaction skills, business acumen, growth, and testing integrity, compiling a detailed impression of the agent.

Additionally, our assessment of agents in your area focuses on several key performance indicators, the most important of which are:

Recent Sales (Past 6 months) 
The agent's sales background and how those figures compare with others in the same area.

Comparative Sales (Past 6 months) 
The agent's efforts to identifylocal buyers'needs and testing price limits, and therefore their understanding of buyer positioning and how they can be leveraged to seal a premium price for you.

Average Days On Market (ADM) 
The agent's position in the local market with regard to how many days their properties sit on the market.

Experience counts; you want the most experienced and successful agent to ensure the most profitable outcome.

Along with this assessment, we send you a detailed property report of your chosen suburb and a list of qualifying questions to ask the recommended agents in your area. Armed with our research and feedback from the questions you ask, you can comfortably and confidently select an agent for your needs.

Why Vengent?

B. Our well-researched information complements your own knowledge of your area. 
C. We're completely independent and are NOT aligned with any one agent or agency network. 
D. We ensure you can make fully informed, confident decisions concerning real estate agents/property managers. 
E. Complimentary, comprehensive reports on your suburb's sales results, demographics and more. 
F. Until you give us the authority to introduce you, the vendor's details will remain undisclosed. 
G. Our services give you the best chance to achieve the highest possible price in shortest time possible. 
H. We remove the need for time-consuming research and investigation. 
I. We only get paid by the agents if your property sells or is leased. Therefore, we'll only introduce you to market-leading, experienced real estate agents, as your success is our success! 

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  • Testimonials

    Vengent helped us achieve $33,000 more for our home than what our first agent was quoting. Thanks Vengent, I'm telling everyone I know.

    -Darren & Michelle S from

  • Testimonials

    Thanks Vengent, what a service, James our agent was brilliant. A++

    -Alan & Rebecca B from

  • Testimonials

    So happy we found you. We sold our last house 28 years ago so we didn't know where to start really. Marcus and everyone at Vengent have been so helpful and Adrian our agent was fantastic from start to finish. Thank you so much Vengent.

    -Dennis & Mary S from

  • Testimonials

    Thanks for the awesome recommendation, I had met two agents before contacting you. Then on your advice I met another agent who blew the others away, hands down. Thanks so much Vengent!

    -Luke K from
    Chain Valley Bay,NSW

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*Please note: Your details are not shared with Real Estate Agents without your permission.