How to Value Property

How to Value Property

When you want to sell your home, the most important question you need to ask is, what’s the property value of my house? Though you can hazard a rough guess from looking at values in your surrounding area, it may take the advice of a real estate professional to provide a firm answer that you can really use, either to make a decision whether to sell or provide a price for your home when you put it up for sale.

It’s the job of a professional real estate agent to have an in-depth knowledge of the property values in their local market – in fact, this information is crucial to the proper performance of their job. A good agent can give you solid advice from the price your property should be listed at to typical conveyancing fees you can expect to pay. The challenge for many consumers can be how to find a good real estate agent in a crowded market!

Luckily, when you’re asking yourself “how do I price my home” Vengent is here to help by providing access to our thorough and independent real estate research – for free!

Why Vengent?

Vengent is dedicated to providing consumers with recommendations of the best agents in their area, backed by rigorous and constant research. We’re independent, so we’re not tied to any particular agency – ensuring our recommendations are solely based on agent performance and proven sales records. We also provide a report on the property market in your area which can give you a good general idea of your home’s value, while our recommended agent will give you expert advice on how to value property!

If you want help to value your home, Vengent is the ultimate destination to help you get started. Call 1300 557 969 to find out more.