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Three signs that your real estate agent is inexperienced

Real estate agents play an important role in proprty deals, especially when a buyer or seller has little experience of this industry. Finding a good real estate agent can be tricky. A bad or inexperienced may damage the deal or cause expensive problems down the line. When searching for a quality Ashfield real estate agents, what are some signs you should look out for?

No strategy at all

An inexperienced agent won’t have a selling plan or any timeline for the project.


An agent who does not answer your call or show up for appointments will never able to satisfy your expectations. The agents connected to Vengent are smart, professional and offer excellent customer service to their clients.

Lack of market knowledge

An experienced agent will always keep a track of what is happening in local as well as the national real estate market. They have solid knowledge about the laws and amendments made in the industry.

These things can be hard to determine without meeting a variety of agents yourself. At Vengent, we take care of this for you, conducting stringent research and assessments of real estate agents all across the nation, including Ashfield, so we can connect you with the best. Plus, we provide this service free to buyers and sellers.