Real Estate Agents in Lane Cove

Find Top Real Estate Agents in Lane Cove

Discovering the best Real Estate Agents in Lane Cove can be difficult for the layperson - there are such a large number of factors one needs to take into account before enlisting a property agent. Vengent is a real estate research firm that takes care of all this hard work for you – we have an assessment program through which we are able to determine the most skilled and successful agents in the area. Let us know your needs – whether you’re buying, selling, or looking for tenants – and we will connect you with the best agent to serve you, at no cost to yourself.

How Vengent chooses our real estate agents in Lane Cove

Vengent makes the real estate agent smooth and simple for our customers with our dedicated research and assessment program. We continually evaluate agents in this area with a triple-pronged information gathering process, comprising of the following sections:

Recent Sales (recent months)

We lead an assessment of a property professional’s sales rates over the most recent 6 months.

Comparative Sales (Past 6 months)

We compare and contrast this sales rate with that of other agents in Lane Cove to gain a contextual picture of their performance.

Average Day on Market (ADM)

How long does it take an agent to sell a property?

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