Real Estate Agents in Richmond

The Best Real Estate Agents in Richmond

A professional real estate agent in Richmond acts as the connector between property purchasers and vendors. They are required to offer a variety of skills: customer service, negotiation, strong knowledge of the market and listings in their area. However, not all agents are up to snuff, so how is a consumer supposed to decide in a glutted market?

That’s where Vengent comes in. With our stringent research and assessment process, we’ve weeded out the good agents from the bad – and we’re dedicated to sharing that information with you, free of charge!

What are our standards of excellence for Richmond real estate agents?

At Vengent, we look for real estate agents in Richmond that offer a variety of things: experience; customer service, and proven sales results.

We gather our information by collating information on property sales in the area as well as observing agents in the course of their duties at open homes. We make sure that we collect this information over a reasonable period of time as results can vary greatly in the short term. As an independent research firm, we are dedicated to nothing more than helping consumers navigate the property market so they can get the best results.

If you’d like to access information about quality agents in your area, give us a call on 1300-557-969.