Rental Property

Get a Vengent-Recommended Rental Property Manager

When renting out a property, there are a huge number of factors to consider at every step of the process, from setting the right amount of rent and selecting tenants through to drawing up a comprehensive contract. Nor does it end there – once you have the tenants installed, there is property maintenance to undertake as well as continuing management of the rental relationship. All of this can be very time-consuming, complex and demanding – that’s why many property owners contact a real estate rental agency to find a property professional to help them take care of these matters, especially if you like in a different area or state from the property. However, it’s important to ensure you engage professionals who are experienced and trustworthy – the industry has its share of cowboys and you can suffer great losses and expenses if your property is managed properly. Thankfully, you have access to Vengent’s independent industry research; we assess rental property agencies and managers throughout Australia to help you weed out the exceptional from the mediocre (or worse!).

What Can a Professional Rental Property Manager Do For You?

A professional manager from a real estate agency will have an in-depth knowledge of the market in their area, so will be able to help you decide on the right amount of rent to charge. They will also have experience of drawing up contracts, helping you to avoid complex legal pitfalls.

Additionally, their experience of managing the landlord-tenant relationship will be invaluable. They can manage disputes and take care of repairs and maintenance for you.

An expert rentalproperties agent can genuinely be worth their weight in gold, helping you manage your sale rental property properly and generate maximum return on your investment. A bad one, on the other hand, can cost you thousands – maybe even land you in court!

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